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From the Bar to the Bedroom: The Truth “About Last Night”

www.themodernprincess.orgIt seems my idea to slip out and catch a funny romantic comedy wasn’t so unique. In fact, I along with millions did the exact same thing over Valentine’s Day weekend. We all took in Kevin Hart alongside a star studded cast including Michael Ealy in About Last Night. Grossing just over 27 million, many agree it has done “justice” to the 1986 original which featured Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. This time around, director Steve Pink went with a comedic cast living in an upscale area of Los Angeles.

As far as plots go, About Last Night doesn’t take the viewers on an unfamiliar journey. There are a lot of things that are fairly predictable but with a cast led by Hart and his rapid fire wisecrack delivery, you will find yourself laughing out loud constantly! These four hapless lovers find themselves managing life and emotions after hooking up. What makes it even more stressful is they all rushed into it after the first date. Things escalate beyond their wildest dreams as the two couple’s watch each other implode on an epic proportion.

The Modern princessAs I watched the film, it began to remind me very closely of the situations from my latest relationship book titled The Modern Princess: A 21st Century Guide To Fairy Tale Relationships in which I talk about the plight of women in the dating world. Dating is a contact sport and sometimes there are casualties. While main characters Bernie and Joan are more evident as the volatile couples, Debbie and Danny aren’t too far behind in the “crazy” department. The movie held an underline theme of just how important our expectations, character and close friendships are on our relationships. Here are a few things I think we all can take away about relationships:

One night stands are not a healthy measuring point for relationship compatibility: Of course the movie made light of the fact that both main couples met and with their first date made the decision to hook up and immediately hooked up. In my personal and professional opinion, this is probably one of the most misleading factors in building a solid relationship. When sex is introduced too soon in the developmental processes, it muddies the senses to reality. Feelings can become amplified and taken out of context. It’s like doing the whole dating thing out of order.

You put your partner in an awkward position when you tell their friends all your business: Bernie told private details to Danny, than Danny shared them with Debbie. It was only a matter of time before Joan found out that Bernie told Danny and even Debbie knew. You get the point. In a couple, the objective is to be moving forward towards building trust and credibility with each other. When one or more parties put too much info out there it creates tension on everyone. The cycle of relationships can get ugly, and when you share everything about this to your friends, it’s going to get very messy.

In real life, major fights and differences are no joking matter: I think I laughed so hard I cried at the cursing match Bernie had with Joan when they fought. They are like the neighbors no one wants to live near. Loud, profane and merciless, they made us all think of “those couples” we all know. The deal is in real life, this is not anything to laugh about. When you’re in a situation and it gets toxic, it’s time to go. No question about it. We all argue, disagree and give each other the cold shoulder. But don’t mistake average relational ups and downs to physical and verbal abuse. You should never feel unsafe around someone you’re building a future with.

The bottom line is, if you need a good laugh and want to make fun of people totally bombing in relationships; About Last Night is the movie for you. The whole cast did an incredible job of producing material that was entertaining yet thought provoking. Although subtle, it leaves us looking at our own relationships and making sure we are at least trying to be open and honest with those we choose to be with.

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