Welcome to February Empowered People!

tiara 2For many, this month is all about the LOVE. From movie trailers, commercials on television and the influence of family, it can be a ton of pressure. Especially if you find yourself single. I want to encourage all of you who are still in the status of “Looking for love” by offering first dibs on my new relationship book, The Modern Princess: The 21st Century Guide To Fairy Tale Relationships.

The Modern Princess

Be one of the first to get access to information that can potentially make an impact on who and how you date. My goal has always been to make dating a safe place. It’s a jungle out there and we all want to be successful. Relationships are the cornerstone of everything we do. So over the next few weeks I will be sharing extensively on how to develop a better dating environment. Here are a couple of ideals I will share to get the ball rolling.

  • Tip #1: When searching for a potential date, think about the standard you are looking for, and with that in mind, never lower them just to get a date.
  • Tip #2: How you start is how you finish. Trust your gut, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore it. We are usually frustrated later because we didn’t act on what we felt we should have.
  • Tip #3: Dating is a pre-curser for marriage. It shouldn’t become a sport to see how many dates you can go on or attain. Limit yourself a little, make choices based on the type of person you could see yourself developing a strong bond with.

There are more tips to come. For now, make sure to visit my website, TheModernPrincess.org, as well as social media outlets to stay updated on local events, book signings and FREE giveaways. We are going to make dating fun and exciting again!

See you at the TOP!


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